Cryptography Reading Group

Coordinates      Thursdays @ 12:30pm in 511 Soda Hall
Mailing list
Organizer      Tobias Boelter (t.b [at]

The Cryptography Reading Group typically meets once a week. However, some weeks have a different schedule, so check the Google Calendar below for the most up to date information.

Announcements/reminders are sent via the mailing list above. To join the mailing list, visit this link and click subscribe. (You can subscribe with your email address; if you choose a different one, your request needs to be manually approved.)



Each meeting has a designated speaker, who is in charge of a topic/paper and gives an informal presentation with the goal of generating and leading a subsequent discussion. Each meeting typically has a new topic. Thus meetings are not interdependent and it is easy drop in any time during the semester.