The Cryptography Group is part of the Theory and Security groups in the EECS Department at the University of California, Berkeley.

Research in the group spans topics in cryptography from theory to applications. We study foundational questions on subjects such as computing on encrypted data, functional encryption, program obfuscation, verifiable computation, zero-knowlege proofs, and others. We also investigate concrete efficiency aspects and implementations of cryptographic protocols, as well as build practical systems that use cryptography to address real-world security problems.

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Graduate students






  • CS 261: Computer Security (f15, f12, s11, f11, f09, f08, f07, f04, f02, f00, f98)
  • CS 276: Cryptography (f16, f15, f14, s09, s06, s04, s02)
  • CS 294: Advanced Topics in Computer Security (s10)
  • CS 294: Analysis and Design of Cryptographic Primitives (s02)
  • CS 294: Probabilistically Checkable and Interactive Proof Systems (s17)
  • CS 294: Special Topic in Cryptography: Secure Computation (s16)

More courses can be found in the websites of the Theory group and Security group, and also the EECS course directory.